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Around 2010, the Flash Extractor developer invented and implemented a model solution data recovery from flash. Over 13 years approximately 7000 ready-made models have been created, thanks to which solving the same case is very quick and saves a lot of time. Due to complicated flash data recovery algorithms, there is no point in resolving each case from scratch if it has been done in past.

This is why models were invented.

The model includes all the mathematics of the solution (XOR, ECC,mixes, assembly algorithm, markers, etc.), so even inexperienced people are able to effectively recover data.

Tested and verified models are collected in the solution library.

Even if FE is no longer developed, new models can be created. We have collected them in our solution library. Some cases can be solved only at VNR or PC3000 Flash or by cooperation of all three tools.

VNR has database solution, PC3000 has solution center, but since there is many factors choosen manually (ECC, XOR, mix, markers table, filters etc) which can influence the final result FE offer the simplest method to check whether a valid model exist or not.


There are two methods to verify whether there is a solution for your case:

  • Manualy check at library based on controller name, chip ID and quantity.

  • Automatic check. Below you find instruction how to do it.

  1. Create folder "Models" near Flash_Extractor.exe

  2. Download and extract files from our library to this folder

  3. Run FE and check if model exist on the list.

    Important notice 1: External models appear at the bottom of the list.

    Important notice 2: each model use "Image 512" layout, just to make automatic checking method work. It is not proper solution of the case!

    Important notice 3: will be updated weekly.


 If you find model for your case, check and compare photo from library. If case will be same you can contact with us and buy model.


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