Tech support rules

We have a lot of orders, we will be grateful if you follow the instructions below, it will save us a lot of time.

We work with:
- flash devices (thumb drives, memory cards, emmc, monoliths)
- voice recorders
- video recorders
- netbooks, tablets
- smartphones
- sometimes we can help analyze monolith signals
- cases gave up by standard TS

You not need active FE/VNR/PC3000 Flash license, but we recommend buy it.

Case description:
- Controller name
- chip ID, if possible 6th byte long
- Device size in GB
- Device photo with chip read order numbers. >Photo requirements<

Dumps upload requirements:
1. We accept dumps from any reader. 
2. Upload dumps including FE folder or VNR/PC3K task folder.
3. Use WinRar / Winzip
4. Split on parts with build in WinRar / Winzip feature

Contact us by skype or mail, each user will have own account on our FTP.
Upload dumps to FTP to folder with your case number.
You can upload any number of files.

Remote support software:
More information here:
We have many cases and sometimes we cant connect immediately.
May be you need wait few hours or day.
Do not turn off computer at night.

Recovered data:
- we can prepare solution at job.txt file or case/task file if possible.
- if simple solution is not possible, we prepare disk.image or extracted data on our FTP

Opening Hours

  • iconMonday - Friday09:00 AM - 17:00 PM
  • iconEmergency24/7

Get In Touch

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